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Laundry Care is locally owned by Tulsi Iyer and managed by Ruta Desai. Although we started small, we’ve grown over the years, and we still have many of our early customers. Today, we serve numerous great businesses at many hospitality hotspots. Located in St John’s, our central location is a bonus and allows us to do regular pickup and delivery runs throughout the Auckland region.

All our Laundry Care staff are professionally trained, and we pride ourselves in providing excellent service in a timely manner, using top quality products and machinery. We are a premium supplier of laundry services, and strive to put our customer first. If you have an urgent situation, we’ll work with you to solve your dilemma as fast as possible.

Our skills, tools and systems allow us to cater to a wide range of business types small to large, both customers items and our quality hire linens. We love finding tailored solution for our partners to save time and money, together delivering the best experience to the end users.

Professional Quality Care Guaranteed


We provide Hospitality services.

Hotels & Motels

We provide Hotels & Motels services.

Office Workplace

We provide Office Workplace services.


We provide Manufacturing services.

Food Processing

We provide Food Processing services.


We provide Retail services.

Gyms & Spas

We provide Gyms & Spas services.

Floor Mats

We provide Floor Mats services.

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